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Mark Kerkhoff
Last updated: 05/09/2018
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765-847-2591 ext 110
Joe Adams
765-847-2591 ext 203
Ariel Allen
765-847-2591 ext 212
Amy Atkinson
Last updated: 03/05/2018
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Last updated: 05/18/2018
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765-847-2591 ext 517
765-847-2591 ext 206
Hello! My name is Mrs. Childers, and I am blessed to be back at Northeastern for my 4th year! I currently teach all 9th grade English classes as well as one 10th grade general class and a novels class (10th-12th grade), so I have a sampling of all grades this year. My passion is in YA Lit. I get crazy excited about seeing my non-reading students become readers, so I make it my mission to make reading engaging and worthwhile by introducing relevant, contemporary YA lit mixed with a modern-day emersion of the classics. I am also very interested in student assessment and am currently piloting NHS's Standards-Based Grading initiative. SBG is a grading platform that grades students on their mastery of the standards and that gives the teacher a pretty clear picture of which students need more one-on-one or small group instruction and which do not. Last year, my experience with SBG was very positive. I had about 160 students over the course of the day and exactly ZERO missed assignments. As I have told my students many times, in an SBG world, the only way for me to know whether you have mastered the standard is to actually see the work, so the penalty for not doing my work is to do my work. =) The best part of SBG is that it closes the learning gap and gives all students a chance to excel at their own pace. In the words of our fearless, innovative leader, Steve Angel, 'Learning isn't about who learns it first, it's about making sure all students have an opportunity to learn!' Finally, my commitment to our students is to help them become the very best writers they can be before they leave my classroom. That in mind, we will be writing all throughout the year. Good readers make good writers. Good writers make good communicators. Good communicators ace job interviews and college entrance interviews. It all goes hand-in-hand.
Tara Cooper
765-847-2591 ext 209
Julie Coryea
Last updated: 08/08/2016
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765-847-2591 Ext 202
Tom Crist
765-847-2591 ext 516
Princess Darnell
765-847-2591 ext 216
Karla Franklin
Last updated: 08/08/2016
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765-847-2591 ext 409
Jennifer Gaddis
765-847-2591 ext 214
Ryan Halloran
765-847-2591 Ext 410
Mark Hinkey
765-847-2591 Ext 118
Steve Hornak
765-847-2591 Ext 218
Scott Johnson
Last updated: 02/23/2017
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765-847-2591 ext. 415
Melissa Lawson
Last updated: 08/08/2016
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765-847-2591 ext. 210
Mitch Lawson
Last updated: 08/08/2016
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765-847-2591 ext 208
Steve Marker
Last updated: 09/01/2016
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765-847-2591 Ext 709
Lisa McDugle
Last updated: 08/08/2016
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765-847-2591 ext. 702
Tahna Moore
765-847-2591 ext 213
Last updated: 02/21/2018
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765-847-2591 ext. 103
Wes Oler
765-847-2591 Ext 417
Mike Roeder
Last updated: 08/08/2016
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765-847-2591 Ext 205
Jason Roll
Last updated: 08/28/2014
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765-847-2591 ext 221

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