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Keep Every Student Healthy!
When to Keep Your Student Home

Many times it is hard for parents to decide whether or not their child is sick enough to stay home. School is important, but sick children need to be at home.


If your child has been sick, please do NOT send your child to school until they have:

  • No fever above 100°F for 24 hours (without medicine, such as Tylenol)
  • No vomiting for 24 hours
  • No diarrhea for 24 hours
  • Been on antibiotics for 24 hours for any kind of contagious (spreadable) disease (such as pink eye or strep throat).
Head Lice
  • Students with live lice (bugs) should stay at home until treated with a lice-killing shampoo and live bugs are gone.
  • After the shampoo treatment is done, bring your child to school and the nurse will check your child’s head. If the bugs are gone your child can go back to the classroom.
  • Check your child’s head each day for the next 2 weeks to make sure the bugs have not come back.
  • Removing the nits (eggs) will also help keep the bugs from returning.
Colds, Cough & Flu

Tis the season for colds, cough & flu...


Sometimes it is hard to know if your child has the flu or a cold.  Below is a chart to help you know the difference between the two.







 Usually present



 Usual, often severe



 Fairly common



 Moderate to severe

 Sudden symptoms

 Symptoms appear gradually

 Symptoms can appear within 3-6 hours


 Hacking, productive cough

 Dry, unproductive cough




 Stuffy nose



 Sore throat



 Chest discomfort

 Mild to moderate

 Often severe





Remember, your child should stay at home until they have NO fever, diarrhea, or vomiting for 24 hours.


If your child needs to bring cough drops to take at school, you need to send a signed medication permission form and the medication. 

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