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Questions About Medication at School?
Medication at School

Most medicines should be given at home. If medicine does need to be given at school:


Medication Permission Form

  • Give Mrs. Atkinson a signed Medication Permission Form for EACH medicine (pain relievers, cough drops, inhalers, etc.) to be given OR carried to school.
  • You need to fill out the top part of the form for ANY medicine.
  • If it is a doctor prescribed medicine (such as inhaler, medicine for ADHD, or antibiotic), you will need to have the doctor fill out the bottom part of the form.
  • A new permission form is required each school year. 

Sending Medicine to School

  • You must send the medicine in the original container and it should have the student’s name on it.  (Please put student’s name on the actual inhaler, as they often do not come in the labeled box.)
  • Medicine will be kept in the nurse’s office.
  • The nurse does not provide any medication for students.
  • Please do NOT send large bottles of medicine, as space is limited.
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