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Keeping Wayne County Healthy!
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S.T.O.P. Stop Taking on Pounds

Reid Health offers a weight managemnet program for school-aged children and adolescents.  By learning more about eating right, exercising and choosing healthy liefstyles, children and adolescents can reach their weight management goals.

STOP uses a family approach to weight management.  For 12 weeks, participants ages 7-17 attend weekly sessions with at least one parent or guardian.  With the guidance of these health professionals and the support of a positive environment, your child can become physically and emotionally healthier.

The program has an initial one-time assessment fee.  This charge will be billed to your insurance company or Medicaid.

For more information, call Reid's Diabetes and Nutrition Education at 765-983-3423 or click here.

IMPACT Program (Concussion)

ImPACT stands for Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing.  This can be done at Reid Health.


Concussions can happen with any sport or physical activity.  The chance for concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) increases as children play harder and longer.  The good news is that long-term health can be protected with proper care and careful return to activity.


To learn more, click here.

Wayne County Health Department

Serving Wayne County, the WCHD provides immunizations (shots), flu shots, and health care for many of our students and families.  We are glad to partner with them as they attend our Kindergarten Roundup each year to help you make sure your child is ready for school!


To learn more, click here

Need Insurance?

To apply for Medicaid in Indiana, click here.


To learn more about Healthy Indiana Plan for qualified adults, click here.


To learn more about Hoosier Healthwise, click here.

Local Food Pantries

For a list of local Food Pantries, click on the attached list.

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To return to the Nurse's Office Home Page, click here

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