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Honors English for the Upper Levels
At Northeastern High School, students enrolled in the Honors English program follow the following course progression:
  • 10th grade - Honors English 10
  • 11th grade - Honors English 11 (first semester), Literature 100 (second semester)
  • 12th grade - Composition 101 (first semester), Composition 102 (second semester)
The Literature 100 course, as well as the two Composition courses offer students dual credit. This means that while they are enrolled at and earning credits from Northeastern, they are also enrolled as students at Vincennes University and are earning college credits as well.

Students enrolled in these courses use the learning platform Canvas to access course information.  Canvas is an online platform and is accessible to students through a course invitation.  Parents interested in accessing Canvas as well should send e-mail to mmlawson@nws.k12.in.us to request a code.

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