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Mrs. Tara Nocton HS Counselor

Created: Feb 14, 2012
Updated: Aug 20, 2018
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Mrs. Nocton, Director of School Counseling
Grades 9 & 12

Northeastern High School
7295 US 27
Fountain City IN 47341


CEEB CODE:  151115

High School Counselor's Info
College Connection Coach - Gabe Haworth
  • assist seniors with planning for their future
  • be a resource for life after high school
  • help find the best fit for college, workforce or military
  • IVY Tech contact


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REMIND for Seniors:  Enter 81010 and text @cg47f4

REMIND for Freshman: Enter 81010 and text @2acbf4b

Grades 9-12 Success Levels

GUIDELINES for Juniors, Seniors & Parents


1.     College admission counselors will visit in the fall during SRT time.  Please listen to announcements and/or check emails.*

2.     College day visitations are 2 per year and must be taken prior to May 1st.  You may go on a visitation if you are passing all classes and have good attendance.  Please review the policy for college day visitations in your student handbook.  Fall break is a popular time to visit colleges so schedule your visit early.  View checklist to the right. Please secure a college day form prior to visit.

3.    College applications: Please complete on-line applications and submit on- line directly to the college by November 1st.  This will allow you the opportunity to have your application in to the college, beating the enrollment deadline and scholarship deadline.  I like to announce where you have been accepted, i.e., military, vocational, technical or 4-year college, so please let me know of your acceptance from a post-secondary institution or the military. *Fee waiver forms are located in the guidance office for 21st Century Scholars and Free-reduced families. COLLEGE GO WEEK IS SEPT. 24.   Application deadlines vary college to college - IU Bloomington & Purdue have a Nov. 1 deadline.
NOTE: TWITTER, E-MAIL, VOICEMAIL....keep it non-offensive/decent.

4.     TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS – read carefully – In order to have a transcript sent to a college you must first order your transcript on line.  Transcripts are sent electronically.  From this web-site, find transcript request tab, located at the top left of this page, and create an account  OR go directly to www.parchment.com 

5.     Scholarship information is posted on the bulletin board near the LGI rm.,  and on this NHS guidance web site.  Applications are available in the guidance office.  Refer to  Finanacial Aid tab above. Scholarship sources: Financial Aid Office of the college, local organizations, parent employment and community foundations, scholarship search sites such as FASTWEB.

6.     College Entrance Exams:  SAT and ACT applications are available in the guidance office.  Registration dates are listed on the Collegeboard.org and ACT.org websites. You will have a better chance of getting the Richmond testing site if you register early.  SAT testing is at Earlham College and ACT is at IU East.   The CEEB code for NHS is 151115.  Refer to website to the left.

You may take either ACT or SAT as many times as you wish. *Waivers for free & reduced and 21st Century Scholars are available from Mrs. Nocton.

7.     JUNIORS:  PSAT practice test for the SAT will be Wednesday, Oct. 10.   All sophomores and juniors will be taking PSAT.  collegeboard.org/psat

8.   * Randolph Co. College Fair  Sept. 17, 2018: College representatives from over 50 institutions will be present to provide information to prospective students.    This is a wonderful opportunity for students and parents to receive information from colleges.

9.     The 2018-19 FAFSA forms are available to seniors on-line OCT. 1   It is imperative that all seniors planning to attend college in the fall of 2019 submit this form by the April 15 deadline. Refer to website to the right and information provided below.  ORANGE FAFSA folders will be distributed in December to each senior....keep ORANGE FAFSA folder indefinitely for easy convenience of completing the FAFSA each year student is enrolled in college.

10.  Recommendations:  From time to time you may need a recommendation from a counselor, principal, or teacher for a scholarship application, college application or employment.  Please give them at least one-week notice, not the day before, and follow up on your request.

Wayne Co. School Is Cool!
An eligible high school senior who graduates from a participating school with perfect attendance during their senior year will receive a new car donated by Wetzel Family Auto Cruise. The winner and or parents or legal guardians may opt to receive a scholarship equal to the value of the car payable to a post secondary educational institution for their student’s continuing education. Seniors must be in good standing to graduate, passed both math and English ISTEP by Dec., have a 2.0 and perfect attendance to each class.  The winner of this award will be randomly selected from among eligible high school graduates with perfect attendance at participating schools. 
Financial Aid Information

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  Please read carefully....


The FAFSA form is a must for students to complete to eligible for federal and/or state aid. There are three categories of federal aid: grants, work-study and loans. For information on completing the FAFSA form go to www.fafsa.ed.gov

Attention High School Seniors and Parents of Seniors!


The primary application for the majority of financial assistance is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form can be completed and submitted after October 1st and the receipt deadline is April 15 (state).  The FAFSA determines your eligibility for federal need-based aid. This application can be completed online at www.fafsa.ed.gov

It’s crucial to complete the on-line FAFSA process in full. Some families create and save the FAFSA, but fail to transmit it to the Federal Proce ssor (by accident). Having the FAFSA as a saved document by thne deadline doesn’t count- it must be received by the federal processor on or before April 15. Make sure you click on “SUBMIT” when you finish completing the on-line FAFSA. 

Some colleges and universities have a FAFSA financial aid deadline of March 1st even though the Federal Processor’s deadline is later. Call your college to make sure you are meeting their required deadline.

You will need financial information from 2017 when completing your on-line FAFSA. Have these items available when you complete the application.




-Student Social Security Number

-Parent Social Security Numbers

-Student W-2 & 1040EZ, 1040A or 1040 tax forms

-Parent W-2 & 1040A or 1040 tax forms

-Student untaxed income information

(TANF, Welfare, Social Security, etc.)

-Parent untaxed income information

 (TANF, Welfare, Social Security, etc.)

- Current bank statements

-Current bank statements and investment information

- Driver’s License Number

-Current investment information (do not include any qualified retirement accounts)

DO NOT use the fafsa.com website to complete your on-line FAFSA. This site will charge you money to file it. The first “F” in FAFSA stands for “FREE”, so you should NOT pay money to anyone to file the FAFSA for you.



Don’t worry! Help is available throughout February and March to assist you in completing your on-line FAFSA. You can attend ANY OR ALL of these “FAFSA Day” Workshops to help get your application completed and filed with the federal processor. People knowledgeable about the FAFSA will be available to give you hands-on assistance. Bring your orange folder and all necessary documents. 




Northeastern HS
Hagerstown HS
Lincoln HS
Centerville HS
Richmond HS
Richmond HS

Nov.13 noon to 6 pm HS Library (or. folder)


Contact Mrs. Nocton if you have any questions.

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